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Siren Strong Services


Functional Fitness

Customized Training Plan

-Based on your goals
-Start at your current fitness level
-Fun, private, and safe environment
-Injured? No problem! Your plan takes all your limitations into consideration
-All ages welcome!

Bowl of Berries

Health/Wellness Coaching

Workshops, Seminars, Breakout Sessions

-Customized lessons available

-Topics include Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (LEAN)

-Fun and educational

-Boost your health and lower your health insurance costs with simple changes

Green Goodness

Pantry Makeovers
Smart Shopping Trips

Health Begins Here

-I will teach you StopLight eating
-Choose healthier options of your favorite foods
-You don't throw anything away
-I will help you pick better options at my favorite place...the grocery store
-Identify the "red" ingredients
-Find easy, tasty "green" foods for the whole family

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