Siren Strong Services


Functional Fitness

Customized Training Plan

-Based on your goals
-Start at your current fitness level
-Fun, private, and safe environment
-Injured? No problem! Your plan takes all your limitations into consideration
-All ages welcome!

Bowl of Berries

Health/Wellness Coaching

Workshops, Seminars, Breakout Sessions

-Customized lessons available

-Topics include Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (LEAN)

-Fun and educational

-Boost your health and lower your health insurance costs with simple changes

Green Goodness

Pantry Makeovers
Smart Shopping Trips

Health Begins Here

-I will teach you StopLight eating
-Choose healthier options of your favorite foods
-You don't throw anything away
-I will help you pick better options at my favorite place...the grocery store
-Identify the "red" ingredients
-Find easy, tasty "green" foods for the whole family


Vanessa's smile alone will inspire you to want to workout with her! During her workshops, Vanessa gives you fascinating information you may not have heard before and allowed time for participant input, discussion, and questions before moving on to the next topic. Somehow with her comfortable manner, you instantly feel welcomed and connected with others in the class. She will leave you excited and anxious to come back for more!

-Cindy C. 

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